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Sea freight

Consulting on container transport and planning according to requirements

The transport of your sea freight does not begin and end at the port.

Together with you, we will find the ideal way for smooth logistics - from the point of departure to the destination.

Benefit from our know-how in this field and trust in our competences when planning your transport.

Pre-transport (delivery at the port)

Before your goods can be shipped in containers at a port for sea freight, they first have to get there.

Herz is also your reliable partner for the most sensible way and route of delivery to the port when it comes to organizing and carrying out pre-carriage by land.

Freight monitoring and information on the status of delivery

An overseas transport from or to Brazil requires not only an optimal organization, but also its time to cover the transport distance.

Damage is often only discovered at the end or completion of the transport.

In the absence of cargo monitoring, the perpetrators of the damage cannot be prosecuted due to a lack of traceability.

Customs clearance and container stowage

There are some formalities that need to be taken care of in terms of customs clearance when transporting your sea freight. Thanks to our expertise, you also save time and money here and avoid delays.

Competence is also required when it comes to container stowage: Herz ensures that your goods are protected against the dynamic forces and äufleren influences of sea transport.

Post-transportation (from the port to the consignee)

By the time your sea freight arrives at the port of destination and is unloaded, it has already come a long way.

However, it has not yet reached its final destination. Now it's a matter of ensuring that the goods reach their destination on time and in proper condition after unloading at the port of destination.

Sea transport and shipment to the port of loading

We at Herz organize the sea transport of your goods for you and also take care of the shipment to the port of loading.

The latter may differ from the port of destination under certain circumstances. In doing so, our team works with selected and proven partners who meet our demands for reliability and punctuality.

Your responsible contact person for the sea freight team

Thomas Kopp
Thomas KoppExport
Tel. 0049 40 607729565
Dominik Wolter
Dominik WolterImport
Tel. 0049 7143 962453